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Join us in Summer 2024
 for our Craft Workshops

No matter what skill level you have when you arrive, you will leave a better crafter. 

You can learn things you would have never thought you could do, or do well. Many of our participants are surprised at the satisfying results they achieve, long before they would call themselves advanced.

working the pole lathe

What We Do

We offer one and two-day workshops in traditional handcraft skills at our outdoor site in the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Why We Are Different

We focus on natural materials, hand tool techniques, and collaborative learning. We’ll teach you the skills many of our grandparents practiced, in a unique forested setting.

goofy spoon carvers

Why You Want to Sign Up

Our classes are for adults - beginners to advanced - who share the desire to learn and enjoy the creative process. And, you will love the camaraderie and community of 5080 Camp.

"Fabulous teachers, lovely community, beautiful environment, a great learning adventure.” 

Take a Workshop in...



Spoon Carving
Garment Sewing

Glass Blowing 
Rug Braiding

Natural Dyes

Botanical Watercolors

2024 Summer Sessions

Saturday - Sunday  June 22 - 23
Tuesday - Wednes  July 2 - 3

Saturday - Sunday  July 6 - 7

Saturday - Sunday  July 13 - 14

Saturday - Sunday  July 20 - 21

Clio, CA


  • Learn or advance your skills in small groups, no matter if you’re a total beginner or already an experienced crafter

  • Get help and feedback from dedicated teachers and fellow students, allowing you to pick up the subtle nuances and tricks of the trade much faster

  • Have fun trying new crafts without having to commit to purchasing a whole set of tools and materials right away

  • Protect your mental health from stress by challenging your brain, keeping your synapses firing and exercising your hand-eye-spirit coordination

  • Spend your weekend doing something you really love, just for the pleasure and joy

  • Take the next step in your crafting—which, can be difficult to achieve by watching youtube tutorials at home

  • Try something you never even knew existed, or may have considered too much of a challenge to try on your own

  • Enjoy being outside in the beauty of the mountains, allowing your mood to be lifted with some good old dirt therapy

  • Connect with other makers while being outside on a beautiful summer day in the Sierra Nevada mountains

At 5080 Camp You Can....

"I came away with so many ideas for future projects. It was very inspiring and enjoyable. Really woke up my creativity.”  

chopping wood in a dress

5080 Camp Instructors

are chosen for their deep passion and enthusiasm for preserving our traditional crafting heritage. They are actively engaged in their craft as a lifestyle and career. Many of them started off just like you, curious to try something new creatively, and then got hooked. Our teachers are not here for the Instagram pics. Their crafts are an integral part of their lifestyle, and they love sharing that with others.

more happy spoon carvers

What Sets Us Apart

from other approaches of teaching crafts is our focus on giving you the important basic skills to do things your way. With a broad foundation in the techniques of your craft, you can go far beyond anything you could make from simply mimicking a pre-made pattern or crafting kit.  That’s why no two projects look alike at 5080 Camp. We’ll help you find the appropriate level of ambition for your level of skill, so you can get an outcome that you’re really happy with.

creek in front of the bunkhouse

The Creek-Side Location

in the Sierra Nevada mountains, 45 minutes north of Tahoe, CA, features outdoor classrooms, a welcoming and laid-back vibe, with camping and lodging nearby.

"Loved the small, relaxed community. I felt very welcome here."  

Attending a Workshop at 5080 Camp this Summer

Arriving and Getting Settled

No matter if you’re living in the next town over or if you’re driving 4 hours up from the bay area, you’re not afraid to go down a long and dusty road towards an unknown destination (don’t worry, we added signs on our driveway this year). Warm and friendly faces will greet you when you arrive, helping to orient you and to tell you where to park.


As I walked up, everyone was chatting and it felt very community. It was friendly and people were in the same kind of mood, and that felt quite supportive. If you’ve never done that kind of thing before, it can appear intimidating at first. But 5080 Camp was really just right.” 


In fact, you might feel that there isn’t really a difference between the instructors and the participants. We’re all coming together to share something we love at 5080 Camp. 


Starting Classes

Once everyone has arrived, we start out with a short introduction circle for everyone attending camp that weekend, and then we’ll split up into our workshop groups. There will be multiple workshops happening each weekend. Even though you won’t be with everyone, it’s nice to be familiar with the other teachers and students, and you can even wander over to their classes during your breaks to check out what they’re up to. 


Once we’ve done introductions and orientation to the site and facilities, you’ll get settled in your workshop zone, and get to work. Each workshop will be slightly different, depending on the instructor and even on the group of students that come. No two workshops will be the same, so you could attend each weekend this summer and get a different experience each time. 


Daily Schedule

Around lunch, we all come together to eat. We provide catered lunches from local cafes that make delicious, fresh meals. We also take breaks as needed. Usually there are natural stopping points in your project. Your teacher will let you know when it is a good time for a break. You might even be able to take your work down to the creek and sit with your feet in the water as you work.


As the day wraps up, we do a brief closing circle to share our progress, and wrap up if you are taking a one day workshop.  Then, you can go to town for dinner, or to your lodging or camping accommodations nearby. For two-day workshops, we will meet back in the morning for day two, so resting early and staying hydrated are recommended.


The next day, we will circle up again, have lunch and breaks accordingly, and hopefully finish our projects. We’ll have a final wrap up circle in the afternoon, where we’ll share our work and experience. We’ll ask you to fill out a feedback questionnaire, and then you head home inspired with your new project and expanded skill set, and a relaxed body bathed in mountain air.

You might just find that spending a day or two in the creative zone with other crafters can be true bliss….

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