• Raleigh's workshops:

    Broom Making

    Soft Fiber Baskets

    Intro to Carving

    Raleigh Klotzek

    Raleigh works in multiple mediums focusing on traditional crafts and arts. With a dedication to learning & keeping traditional craft alive she joins us to offer her skills. Through local and international travel she has sought out mentors and instructors in Green Woodwork, Broom Making, Jewelery & Bead work, & Weaving. She believes that everyone is born with the opportunity to explore living creatively. You would find her living, traveling, and teaching with her husband in one of their two homes on wheels in either California or Germany where they have recently moved. She is a very skilled instructor that makes learning welcoming and fun. 

  • Marian's workshops:

    Watercolor Journals

    Art of Zentangles


    Marian Haid

    As a high school teacher in the bay area, Marian spent 30 years teaching special education and art.  Being surrounded by so many creative influences, she was able to pursue many artistic avenues. She has taught art across the age spectrum. 

    When she retired in 2006 and moved to Graeagle permanently, she began teaching with the Artists in the Schools Program via Plumas Arts. A fellow artist introduced her to Zentangles.  She has taught this art form from second graders to adults.  She also had the honor of being the president of the Mohawk Valley Artists Guild which allowed her to teach Zentangles to a large group of fellow artists.  

    Marian is also an ardent lake swimmer. 

  • Virginia's workshops:

    Watercolor Journals

    Art of Zentangles


    Virginia Jaquez

    A native of the Sierra Valley, Virginia has been surrounded by nature her whole life which has been her greatest influence artistically.  This rich surrounding full of wonderful artisans has allowed her to pursue a variety of crafts.  Feather River College offered an opportunity to not only hone her skills but allowed her to teach printmaking classes.  


    New techniques such as nature printing on fabric/paper, creating jewelry, making handmade paper, book binding, mosaics, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, and collage are part of her non-stop art learning.  Now that she is retired, ART is her full-time passion.

  • Oliver's workshops:

    Bowl Turning

    Oliver Klotzek

    Oliver has been an enthusiastic green-woodworker for about 3 years. He spent some time with various woodworkers in Europe and the USA to expand his skills and improve his techniques. He mainly specializes in turning on a pole lathe, where he produces bowls and plates as well as other kitchen utensils. He would like to get more people excited about traditional craft and convey how valuable it can be to create something with simple techniques by your own hands.

  • Nick's


    Spoon Carving 

    Willow Basketry 

    Nick LaHaise

    Nick is a basket weaver, natural foods chef, green wood carver, and all around multi-talented craftsman. Over the last decade, he has studied various traditional crafts, wilderness skills, deep nature connection, permaculture, and rites of passage.  Nick currently works as a full-time carpenter, is the co-founder of Hearth Folk School, and lives in Clio, CA with his wife and 1 year old son. He's been teaching willow basketry and green woodworking for many years, and loves sharing craft with others.

  • Jeri's


    Coil Baskets

    Macrame Design

    Rug Braiding

    Jeri Weerts

    Jeri is a fiber artist and founder of 5080 Camp for Artisans and Crafters.  In addition tot sewing, embroidery, macrame, knitting and quilting, she continues to study and learn weaving, basketry and traditional rug braiding. She is mostly self taught giving credit for her inspiration to her mother, an accomplished crafter and artist herself.  Never liking to follow directions, she teaches with a free-style design approach, encouraging students to follow their own ideas. 


    She created 5080 Camp for Artisans & Crafters to support the creative pastimes that are essential to a well-balanced life, and to build a community for those seeking craft education.

  • We are looking to expand our workshops with:

    Fiber Arts
    Nature Journaling
    Your Art


    5080 Instructor

    You are passionate about your craft. Your happiest moments are spent thinking about your craft, dreaming up new designs, experimenting with new faucets of it and making lots of it. Talking about it animates you. You can spent all day immersed in your craft. You walk gently on the earth and love working outside.  Your craft is made by hand using simple tools and natural materials. You are excited to share your skills and coax emerging ideas from your students. You might have teaching experience, might have liability insurance, might sell you work, or maybe not.

    Send a workshop proposal, images and a bio to us!  

5080 Camp for Artisans & Crafters  |  925.639.7801  |   jeri@5080camp.com  

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